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Howard Stern Is Concerned About Donald Trump's Mental Health: 'He Wants to Be Loved'

Ponder what President Trump should say in regards to this? Stun muscle head Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, February 1, that he's concerned his long-term buddy Donald Trump won't have the capacity to withstand the hardships of the administration as a result of his "touchy inner self."

"I for one wish that he had never run. I revealed to him that," Stern, 63, said Wednesday. "Since I really think this is something that will be extremely unfavorable to his emotional well-being, as well. Since he needs to be preferred, he needs to be cherished, he needs individuals to cheer for him. I don't think this will be a solid affair for him."

Stern, who has been a dear companion of the 70-year-old land tycoon for quite a long time and has had Trump as a visitor on his demonstrate various circumstances, included that Trump might not have acknowledged how frightening being president would be the point at which he chose to run.

"It's an extremely troublesome occupation," the radio character said. "Also, Donald Trump, he truly wants to be adored. … and that drives him a great deal. I imagine that he has an extremely delicate sense of self, and when you're president, individuals will be, exceptionally basic. … I do believe he's genuine in needing to assist and I believe he's earnest when he says he has the appropriate responses, yet he ventured into a circumstance that is truly not a win for him."

Actually, Stern uncovered he trusts Trump declared his arrangements to keep running for the administration in 2015 as an approach to "get a couple more bucks out of NBC for The Apprentice," and never needed to win. Included Stern, "He simply needs a couple more bucks out of NBC, and that is the reason Donald is calling for voter extortion examinations. He's pissed he won. Despite everything he needs Hillary Clinton to win. He's so f- - lord pissed, he's trusting that he can discover some voter misrepresentation and hand it over to Hillary."

Stern, who was a vocal supporter of Democratic presidential competitor Clinton, 69, said he was particularly "stunned" when Trump declared his arrangements to keep running for president on the grounds that the very rich person had once been a Clinton supporter as well. "So the new Donald Trump sort of shocked me," he said.