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Justin Bieber Catfish Arrested for Extorting Young Fan Into Sending Nude Photos

A Massachusetts man was captured for acting like Justin Bieber and coercing a young lady into sending him naked photographs and recordings, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department said in an official statement Tuesday, January 17.

Bryan Asrary, 24, was captured at his home in Revere, Massachusetts, on December 18, two years after his underlying contact with the young lady. Analysts from the LASD Human Trafficking Bureau propelled an examination last November in the wake of discovering that the unidentified casualty was being blackmailed into sending bare pictures over the web, the sheriff's area of expertise said.

As indicated by the LASD, when the young lady was 9 years of age, she got an immediate message on Instagram from Asrary, who disclosed to her that he knew Bieber and would mastermind a content meeting on the social-informing application Kik. After the young lady informed Asrary, supposing he was Bieber, he requested "bare photographs of the casualty and undermined hurt on the off chance that she didn't coordinate," the official statement said. The young lady sent the photos and recordings and kept the occurrence a mystery for a long time.

In 2016, the sheriff's area of expertise stated, Asrary reached the young lady again and undermined to post the photographs on the web on the off chance that she didn't send more. The casualty disclosed to her mom about the occurrence, and her mom reached the police.

Subsequent to examining the wrongdoing, L.A. investigators distinguished the alleged sextortion guilty party as Asrary and flew out to the place where he grew up with a court order. Asrary admitted to coercing the young lady into sending the bare photographs and "likewise involved himself in comparative wrongdoings against other young ladies all through the region," the official statement said.

Asrary, who has no association with Bieber, was captured by Massachusetts State Police for ownership of kid erotic entertainment. In California, he confronts various charges, including blackmail, fabricating kid erotic entertainment and speaking with a minor with the plan to submit a sex demonstration, the sheriff's specialty said. In the event that indicted, Asrary faces quite a while in jail.